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Business Law & Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

TLC represents corporations, local and small businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs in a myriad of industries including: real estate and land development, construction businesses, restaurants, alternative medicine, nightclubs, and the hospitality and retail industries.

We provide ongoing advice in transactional matters by supporting and enhancing our clients’ ability to establish and maintain a solid business model of operations in which the exercise of sound business judgment occurs while minimizing risks of liability exposure. The best way to avoid costly litigation expense and liability exposure.  The best way to avoid costly litigation expense and liability exposure to avoid costly litigation expense and liability exposure is to implement the best ongoing business practices as a matter of course.  At TLC, we empower our clients to successfully accomplish this goal.

A sampling of our areas of expertise includes entity formation, business transactions, business contracts, employment agreements, real estate acquisition and financing, trusts, estates, corporate entity formation and governance.

General Counsel Advice: When confronted with litigation, TLC understands that business viability in this competitive economy may be at risk.  We constantly assess, advise and pursue the best possible legal solution which accomplishes necessary goals while minimizing exposure and litigation expenses as much as possible.

Business Law

TLC is proud to provide local and small businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies in all industries with sound, straightforward legal advice. TLC can help you minimize the risk of litigation so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

Just a phone call or email away, TLC can be your partner in entity formation, licensing compliance, contract creation and negotiation, analyzing insurance coverage, acquiring or leasing real estate, and generally anticipating the myriad legal issues that eventually challenge every business.

TLC has represented businesses in: real estate and land development including CEQA matters, trademark disputes, construction, restaurants, alternative medicine, marijuana dispensaries, nightclubs, and the hospitality and retail industries.

TLC prides itself on being extremely responsive to all clients.

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Estate Planning and Wealth Management

TLC offers highly personalized estate plans to achieve wealth preservation goals for yourself and your loved ones.

An effective estate plan can help you avoid a costly and lengthy probate in court and put money into the pockets of your loved ones much faster. Did you know that probate fees can cost up to $46,000 for an estate valued around $1,000,000 dollars? Estate planning can save up to 5% of a typical estate’s value in probate fees.

Other reasons for having an estate plan include:

  • Limiting taxes when transferring gifts to heirs
  • Protecting assets from creditors
  • Transferring your business at your retirement, disability, or death
  • Establishing a guardian for a minor
  • Ensuring medical and health care in accordance with your wishes
  • Adding or updating beneficiaries on life insurance and retirement plans

At TLC we use trusts, wills, powers of attorney, asset protection, charitable planning, and more, to help families preserve their wealth for future generations.

The estate planning process begins with an in-depth meeting where TLC will obtain your detailed information, listen to your wishes, answer your questions, and outline the options and steps for creating your custom estate plan. TLC attorney Jacqueline Mittelstadt can also meet clients at their home.

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Serious Injuries

If you or someone you love have been injured, and you believe someone else is to blame, please call for a consultation.  Legal time limits govern when you can pursue compensation for your injuries, or when you have waited too long and cannot.

Family Law

Whether you are contemplating separation or divorce, or are embroiled in the process, we can advise you of your rights and aggressively litigate to protect them. When circumstances are appropriate, we can help you reach an amicable resolution without resort to litigation.

Our practice includes addressing post-decree enforcement of spousal or parental rights. And, if you are a grandparent, we can help you pursue visitation with your grandchildren.

Coping with family law, guardianship or conservatorship matters are often some of the most difficult life challenges people must face. At Tahoe Law Center you will find people empathetic to these challenges who endeavor to reduce your anxiety and stress by excelling at what we do for you.

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