Recent Successful Cases by Tahoe Law Center

Wrongful Termination

  1. $280,000 award against Government Agency
  2. $175,000 award against Large Government Agency, plus 2 years vesting in Retirement
  3. $70,000 award against Large Medical Care Provider
  4. $67,000 Against City of South Lake Tahoe
  5. $60,000  against major health care provider
  6. Reinstatement to Large National Employer of 7 Year Employee

Wrongful Foreclosure

  1. 18 months mortgage free-occupancy plus $23,000
  2. Avoided eviction, delayed foreclosure for over one year, $17,500

Elder Law

Wrongful Refusal of Entrance into Low Income Housing Overturned

Wage & Hour

$28,000 Recovery by Employee for Wrongful Withholding of Wages

Elections Law

Successful challenge to candidate ballot statement for Superior Court Judge

Medical Malpractice (Co-Counsel)

$150,000 recovery

Tax / Audit Issues

Audit Case Closure with no additional tax payments, assessed penalties and interest waived

Landlord / Tenant Issues

  1. Eviction Avoided – Represented Tenant
  2. Eviction Successful – Represented Landlord

Personal Injury

$40,000 – bike / auto collision

Commercial Litigation

  1. $97,000 recovery against National Bank
  2. $93,000 against National Bank

Land Use

NEPA: Successful challenge caused Federal Government to withdraw Environmental Assessment FONSI Three Times

Dental Malpractice (Co-Counsel)

$15,000 recovery